NAMA DatabaseThe Transport NAMA Database is an interactive wiki-based portal that provides access to transport NAMAs in all stages from initial concept to implementation.

The database amasses information about transport NAMAs in one place – the transport sector is one of the first to create such an easily accessible database. The NAMA Database is an open platform for collaboration and knowledge-sharing, with the aim to make the discussion more inclusive and transparent. You are encouraged to add NAMAs and help the database grow.

Benefits of our Transport NAMA database

  • Exchanging knowledge and experiences
  • Contributing to matchmaking between support seeking and funding actors
  • Facilitating access to funding
  • Promoting transparency and further outreach of NAMA activities

The database provides a wide-rastatisticsnge of insight on topics that include the policy identification process, mitigation actions, sustainable development benefits, MRV, financing and the registration process. This database will help identify where capacity building is needed and match financial and technical support with proposed NAMA activities. It strengthens ties in the transport NAMA community and establishes new contacts and networks. Moreover, it demonstrates the interest and progress of the transport community in the area of NAMAs.

If you would like to contribute we encourage you to create an editor account, which will enable you to add and edit information. We will thentable analyse the proposed additions/changes based on our coherency criteria. In case of doubt or if the National Implementing Entity does not conform to the data uploaded, we will request revision; otherwise, if the NAMA owner does not object within a two week period, your information will go online, marked with “no objection”. Regarding the communication you don’t have to worry, as we constantly inform our partners about the NAMA updates.

Further resources: 

– Have a look at the toolbox where you can find useful tools for developing specific parts of your transport NAMA and also more general ones that help coordinate the whole project.

– Check out our handbook for more detailed information on each step within the NAMA developing process.

– Visit the publications site for further transport related content.